The Pan-American Games and Parapan American Games, represents the most important sporting event that has ever taken place in Peru, which means an opportunity to build a better country based on sport values.

With this purpuse, the Lima 2019 Ambassadors Program was born, which is an initiative of the Organizing Committee of the Pan American Games and Parapan American Games Lima 2019 (COPAL).

The program wants to involve personalities of different professional fields with our Games, to promote the develpment of sports values, Olympic values and Paralympic values directly and / or indirectly.

This will allow fostering a bond or relationship of commitment between what represents the importance of this sports evento four our country based on vales and the country.


Lima 2019 Ambassadors are selected according to the following criteria:

  • Be an athlete or Para athlete with success, merits or sports achievements at national or international level or who has stood out in a respective sports discipline.
  • Be an athlete or Para athlete aiming to win medals.
  • Be a recognized person who has a good reputation and empathy with citizens and who contributes to promote sports values.
  • Be a leader with social sensitivity and availability to promote the Lima 2019 activities.

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Alexandra Grande

Alexandra Grande

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Analí Gómez

Analí Gómez

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Alejandra Callirgos


Embajador de Lima 2019, Andy Martinez

Andy Martínez

Embajador de Lima 2019, Diego Elias

Diego Elías

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Dunia Felices

Dunia Felices

Embajador de Lima 2019, Israel Hilario

Israel Hilario

Embajador de Lima 2019, Benoit Clemente

Benoit "Piccolo" Clemente

Embajador de Lima 2019, Efraín Sotacuro

Efraín Sotacuro

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Pilar Jauregui

Pilar Jáuregui

Embajador de Lima 2019, Pedro Pablo de Vinatea

Pedro Pablo de Vinatea

Embajador de Lima 2019, Percy Rojas

Percy Rojas

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Ariana Orrego

Arriana Orrego

Embajador de Lima 2019, Nicolás Fuchs

Nicolás Fuchs

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Gina Parker

Gina Parker

Embajadora de Lima 2019, María de Jesús Trujillo

María de Jesús Trujillo

Embajador de Lima 2019, Luis Miguel Sandoval

Luis Miguel Sandoval

Embajadora de Lima 2019, María Alejandra de Osma

María Alejandra de Osma

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Thalia Mallqui

Thalia Mallqui

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Marcela Castillo

Marcela Castillo

Embajador de Lima 2019, Alonso Valdez

Alonso Valdez

Embajadora de Lima 2019, Sofía Mulanovich

Sofía Mulanovich

Embajador de Lima 2019, Héctor Chumpitaz

Héctor Chumpitaz

Embajador de Lima 2019, Jorge Arriola

Jorge Arriola

  1. Medalist
  2. An athlete or Para athlete who has obtained medals and sports achievements at national or international level.

  3. Legend
  4. An athlete or Para athlete recognized for his or her sporting career at national or international level.

  5. Values
  6. Actor, chef, writer and/or singer with good reputation and leadership.

  • Promote Sports, Olympic and/or Paralympic values inside and outside their professional development area.
  • Participate in the Lima 2019 activities.
  • Visit schools in the 14 districts that will house the Lima 2019 Games.
  • Mention their status as Lima 2019 Ambassador in interviews or reports to media.
  • Share all communication about the Lima 2019 Games at least once a week on their social networks.
  • Write and/or comment about the importance of the Lima 2019 Games legacy.
  • Share photographs and/or videos related to your discipline before, during and after the Pan American and Parapan American Games.