Discover the Press Operations School for the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games. A platform for young professionals who wish to learn and train in media coordination skills, to facilitate the important coverage work of journalists throughout this great sports event.

Presentation for Press Operations


It identifies the professional profile of all the members of the Press Operations School:

  • Basic experience and desire to learn
  • Interest in discovering, starting and developing a professional career in international press operations
  • Interest in professional growth in sport-related fields
  • Willingness to provide support to the work team
Pearce International

Pearce International

Get to know the Pearce International Press Operations School, an important organization with long experience training young people from around the world at world-class sports events, such as the European Games in 2015 and the Islamic Games in 2017.

Pearce International (PI) uses an interactive training model consisting of one-week experimental learning format, providing young talents with the information they need to successfully manage and cover sports events from start to finish.


Role of the Press Operator

Each press operator will perform the following duties:

Plan, implement and manage the press spaces in competition venues.

Monitor the proper performance of press operations.

Provide technical support to address decisions on the area.

Collaborate in problem solving during the Lima 2019 Games.

Assist journalists in getting interviews with athletes.

Facilitate the reporting duties of journalists and support them as much as possible.

Coordinate the correct implementation of press spaces.

Verify the large-scale press performance at the event.


There will be eight operators providing support as press and photography coordinators at competition venues with greater international coverage. Remember all staff will receive an official certificate at the end of the Games. Get to know each role in detail:

Press Coordinators

Press coordinators, who are mainly operators, will collaborate with and support all journalists in the field of play.

Photography Coordinators

As image experts, operators playing the role of photography coordinators will provide the necessary support to photographers on duty.

Both roles will support us in:


Only two photographers will be on the field of play, as different competitions will be held at the same time. Both will be in constant movement, and since this sport requires more coverage, there will be two press operators.

Athletics area Ivo Gonzalez for IOS/IOC


Competitions in several disciplines will be held at the same time, requiring the use of 25 mixed zones. Therefore, two experts familiarized with competition dynamics will be required to duly assist the press.

Rhythmic gymnastics Ivo Gonzalez for IOS/IOC


With rotating positions, few photographers will move around the edges of the pool. Press spaces, such as the press center, mixed zone, interview zone, photo positions and grandstands, will be active at the same time. Two operators will be responsible for controlling press spaces.

Swimmers competition Ivo Gonzalez for IOS/IOC

Sports Route

For road cycling, marathon and race walk events, there will be photographers at the finish line, so two press operators will remain alert to ensure the event goes smoothly. These events will be broadcast live.

Road Sports Ivo Gonzalez for IOS/IOC


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