Athletes' Village

The main residence for 7902 athletes and team officials during the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games is currently under construction in the heart of Villa El Salvador, south of Lima. So far, the structures of 1096 apartments are ready. Consortium Besco-Belasco is in charge of the infrastructure project. Four of the seven towers that make up the Village were built beforehand, while the structures for the remaining three were completed recently, complying with the construction schedule. This infrastructure project will be delivered in February 2019.

There will be 336 apartments available at the Athletes’ Village for people with an impairment and for wheelchair users during the Parapan American Games.

Wide corridors and larger elevators for wheelchairs were built, taking into consideration the accessibility of all Para athletes and ocials visiting us in 2019.

The Village will feature 70-square-meter and 75-square-meter apartments, with accessible bathrooms for the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games. A total of 336 apartments will have these characteristics.

Moreover, the construction of three water tanks is moving at a good pace, in accordance with the construction schedule.

At the same time, foundation and leveling works in the semi-basement are in progress. It will have two levels and will be used as a parking lot after the Games.

During Lima 2019, they will be used as storage and offices.


The National Sports Village (Videna) will be the main competition center during the Lima 2019 Pan American Games and Parapan American Games, welcoming the best athletes in the Americas.

Construction of the venue started once the COSAPI company was awarded the infrastructure project on December 8, 2017, after Peruvian and foreign businesses and consortiums participated in a public tender.

The roof of the Velodrome, which will have a basement, is being installed. Average progress is at 80%. Meanwhile, the Athletics Stadium’s basements, where three galleries will be built, are almost complete; its base columns have already been installed.

The roof of the Bowling Center is also being installed. Two 36-meter beams have already been installed to separate the parking lots and warm-up track.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is being used for the Aquatic Center, which allows resource optimization and prevents interference.

The Videna project includes the Athletics Stadium, the Aquatic Center that will be equipped with brand new technology, the new Sports Center with modern retractable grandstands and a capacity for 1000 spectators, the extension and roofing of the Velodrome, the 24-lane Bowling Center, the administration oces and computer center, outdoor areas and underground parking.

The new facilities at the Videna will house Athletics, Swimming, Track Cycling, Badminton, Bowling, Handball, Figure Skating and Judo.

It will also house the following Para sports: Para Athletics, Para Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball, Para Powerlifting, Para Judo, Para Badminton, Para Table Tennis and Para Track Cycling.

Callao Sports Center

Callao is considered to be Peru’s first port and will be one of the main venues for Lima 2019. The process in Callao includes remodeling the Miguel Grau Coliseum, which will have capacity for 2400 spectators.

In addition, the construction of a new sports center in the Callao Regional Village will include competition and warm-up areas, as well as stands for spectators with permanent capacity for 6800 people.

The new sports center will be the venue for Volleyball and Taekwondo during the Pan American Games. Duringthe Parapan American Games it will host Sitting Volleyball and Para Taekwondo. All these facilities will remain as a legacy for the community, which will make Callao a center for sports development. In this part of the facility, work is being carried out on earth movement and platforms for pouring concrete.

While wrestling and boxing competitions for the PanAmerican Games and Goalball for the Parapan American Games will take place at the Miguel Grau Coliseum.

The existing football stadium of the National University of San Marcos, which is also part of the venue, will be remodeled for the execution of the men’s and women’s football events for the Pan American Games. Works will include areas for competition, grandstands and supplementary facilities.

The stadium of the National University of San Marcos will also be used by the students from said university, as well as for professional football tournaments for first and second divisions. The dressing rooms of this venue are being demolished and progress is at 60%.

Also, part of the west grandstand is being remodeled with a view to Lima 2019.

Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center

The Andrés Avelino Cáceres Sports Center in Villa María del Triunfo is located in southern Lima. After the Videna, it is the venue that will host the most competitions for the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

Said venue will house Hockey, Rugby, Baseball, Softball, Water Polo, Archery, Basque Pelota and Paleta Frontón during the Pan American Games. Football 5-a-side and Football 7-a-side will also be held there during the 2019 Parapan American Games.

Currently, structural work is being done for the water polo and rugby fields in the Andrés Avelino Cáceres. Also, they are pouring concrete and laying foundation at dierent levels in the baseball and softball fields. The percentage of work completed to date is 15%. Geogrids are being installed, retaining walls are being built in the hockey field and the structural base of the Aquatic Center for Water Polo is under construction.

Concrete pouring and column framework installation of the sporting arenas are on schedule according to the terms established by the Lima 2019 Games Organizing Committee.

Meanwhile, the foundation of the areas intended for the transit of buses that will be transporting athletes and judges to and from the Andrés Avelino Cáceres Sports Center is being built at a steady pace. Soil removal was completed ahead of time, thanks to the work carried out by the Peruvian Army.

Villa el Salvador Sports Center

Near the Athletes’ Village, earth moving work and the construction design of the Villa El Salvador Sports Center is currently in progress. The company in charge of construction is the consortium formed by the Spanish company Obrascon Huarte Lain S.A. and the Peruvian company JE Construcciones Generales.

The grounds are in close proximity to the Pan American Village that is being built in the center of Villa El Salvador. The budget for its construction is PEN 90 million (over USD 27 million).

The Villa El Salvador Sports Center project includes the construction of sporting facilities that will host gymnastic and karate competitions during the Pan American Games. While during the Parapan American Games, there will be Wheelchair Rugby and Boccia.

The Sports Center will remain as a legacy for Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Futsal, Fencing, Badminton, Wrestling, Karate and Table Tennis, to be used in the future by both the community and elite athletes.

The sports center will have approximately 18,700 m2 distributed in two blocks: one for competitions (with an estimated capacity of 6100 spectators) and another one for warm-up and training.