We are the Special Project for the Preparation and Development of the 2019 XVIII Pan American Games and Sixth Parapan American Games and we are preparing the path for the most important sport event in the Americas that will be held for the first time in Peru.

We are facing a big challenge, we will work to ensure the development of this important event and fulfill the commitments made by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

We invite you to participate and be part of this challenge that will draw the continent’s attention.

Mission and Vision


To effectively carry out the necessary actions for the development of the 2019 XVIII Pan American Games and Parapan American Games, in an organized coordination with the actors involved.


To achieve an excellent organization of the 2019 XVIII Pan American Games and Parapan American Games, contributing with the development of the national sport and the international positioning of the city of Lima.

General Functions

The Special Project has the following general functions:

  • Direct and execute the integral management of the investment projects for the development of the Games, including the processes of planning, control and accountability of the same.
  • Schedule and execute the actions and activities necessary for the development of the Games, in the framework of the Master Plan and the agreements and commitments of the Organizing Committee.
  • Provide technical and administrative support required by the COPAL - PERU, contributing to the organization of the event.
  • Promote the participation of the private sector and civil society in the funding, research, implementation and/or maintenance of infrastructure, according to the provisions of the applicable legislation.
  • Coordinate and articulate with public administration and civil society entities the support and participation necessary for the fulfilment of the objectives in the Master Plan..
  • Celebrate agreements and contracts according to the valid regulations.
  • Submit an annual report to the Council of Ministers regarding the progress of the implementation of the Master Plan.
  • Other functions assigned in the framework of their competence.