Peruvian cyclists train at the opening for the new BMX-dedicated circuit in Costa Verde, San Miguel Peruvian cycling team with Gustavo Matus de la Parra, Jorge Muñoz, Carlos Neuhaus, Juan José Guevara and Wilhelm Funcke at new BMX circuit in San Miguel Gustavo Matus de la Parra, Jorge Muñoz, Carlos Neuhaus, Juan José Guevara and Wilhelm Funcke give press conference regarding the delivery of the BMX circuit, second last infrastructure for Lima 2019. Peruvian BMX cycling team with Milco, Lima 2019 mascot. Delivery of the second last Lima 2019 infrastructure, the BMX circuit located in Costa Verde, San Miguel.
Ignition Ceremony of the Pan American Torch in Machu Picchu. Darwin Baca, Jorge Muñoz, Martín Vizcarra, Carlos Neuhaus and Neven Ilic in the lighting of the Pan-American Torch. Inca representative carrying the Pan American Torch through the citadel of Machu Picchu. Representative Chasqui lights the torch of the first relay in Machu Picchu to start the Route of the Torch.
The Pan American Torch Relay began with a great ceremony held at ancient ceremonial center, in Mexico. The Pan American Torch Relay began with a great ceremony held at ancient ceremonial center, in Mexico. Neven Ilic, Panam Sports' president, gives the Pan American torch to Carlos Neuhaus
Jorge Muñoz and Carlos Neuhaus getting off the plane in Cusco with the Pan American Torch, respectively. The Pan American Torch arrived in Cusco. Milco, Carlos Neuhaus, Jorge Muñoz, Neven Ilic and Antonio Olórtegui brought it from Mexico. In a golden lamp, the flame traveled by plane from Mexico and arrived in Cusco, the historical capital of America. Milco, the mascot of Lima 2019, was one of the first to show the Pan American Torch to the Peruvian people.
We conducted this workshop to familiarize the workers of the Jorge Chávez International Airport with the challenges that will pose the arrivals and departures of 1890 Para Athletes. Possible stages that could take place during the arrival of Para athletes were recreated and analyzed to avoid future mistakes. The lessons learned by the airport workers will be part of the Lima 2019 social legacy.
Students of Fe y Alegría 24 School welcome Melissa Vargas, Raysa Gonzáles, Natalia Correa and Michelle Flores, rugby players from the Peruvian Rugby Team For most of the students it was the first time they heard about Rugby The students learned to pass the rugby ball properly, dodge a rival and score tries. The “Soy Lima 2019” campaign came to an end at the Villa María del Triunfo district’s schools with the 10 minutes of physical activity promoted by the Ministry of Education.
The campaign to promote the Pan American and Parapan American Games in the youngest was in Villa María del Triunfo. Julieta Mouriño shared with the students some secrets of this sport. The proximity of the hockey's Venue in Lima 2019 with this school will allow the development of this discipline in the area. Julieta showed the students that there are other sports beyond soccer and volleyball.
In the Champagnat School, we inaugurated the Regional Stage with more than 500 scholar athletes. Giorgio Mautino, Lima 2019 Representative, gave an oath to over 500 students The students gave music and artistic performances in this event, held at Champagnat school.
This would not have been possible without the help of the Bureau of Physical Education and Sport from the Ministry of Education. Starting on April 29, we have visited 21 schools in the following districts: San Luis, La Victoria, Villa María del Triunfo and Chorrillos Miranda Nieto, explaining water polo to students from Villa Limatambo 7106 school The campaign will continue until July 9 in 10 schools located in Villa El Salvador, benefiting another 8000 students.
The 10 authorized points of sale and the virtual store have sold over 100,000 tickets for the Pan American Games. Got yours yet? Tickets for the Parapan American Games will go on sale on Monday, June 24. Ticket prices will start at PEN 10.00
Some of the best Peruvian fencers visited the San Juan Masías Educational Institution. Fabián Huapaya, Marcio Orihuela, Andrés Espinoza, Alejandro Narro, Rodrigo Espinoza and María Fernanda Tudela were accompanied by coach Adolfo Polo Milco did not want to lose the opportunity to fight against a professional fencer. Will he have won? The students of the San Juan Masias Educational Institution were able to try on the clothes of a fencer. As many fencers as schoolchildren lived an extraordinary day and showed that in Lima 2019 we all play
This se-tenant stamp, two stamps making up a single one, shows Milco and the Athletics Stadium at VIDENA. Virginia Nakagawa, Deputy Minister of Communications, and Carlos Neuhaus, Lima 2019 President, unveil the official Lima 2019 postage stamps The launch event could not have been held anywhere else but at the Postal and Philatelic Museum of Peru Enrique Prado, SERPOST President, stated that these stamps will be a great memento for both athletes and Para athletes, as well as philatelists. Virginia Nakagawa, Deputy Minister of Communications; Carlos Neuhaus, Lima 2019 President; Enrique Prado, SERPOST President; and Carlos Roldán, General Director of Museums attended the launch.