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Athlete about to jump into the Olympic swimming pool

Your favorite sport in school will be at the Lima 2019 Games. You cannot miss it!

Lima 2019 - redacción magazine Author: Natascia Zagaria
Lima, July 07, 2019

From school to the Pan American Games: Four sports you will see in Lima 2019

Schools are the main source of athletes in the world. We all had physical education and, in general, it was the time of the week we were all waiting for. Sure, sports preferences change depending on the school, but football is definitely the most played sport by men and women.

With our “Soy Lima 2019” campaign, more than 18,000 students from different schools of the city will learn about new sports and Para sports, which are not so popular, through the testimony of the Peruvian athletes that will represent us at the Pan American and Parapan American Games. Amazing!

Most students have a natural need to play, and sports are an excellent way to take all that energy and transform it into something positive. Which of the sports you will see in Lima 2019 Games did you play when you were a kid?


Another great sport to promote social integration! Your reflexes probably got better when you played volleyball, and it's very likely that you also managed to improve team coordination and strengthen bonds. When you were a kid, all you needed to play was a rope and you had a court ready. This year, you will see it in all its glory at the Callao Regional Sports Village.

School’s volleyball teams playing a match.


King of sports for children! It's likely that you swam not only for leisure, especially during summer, but because it was recommended to your parents to improve your health. As it is a “low impact” sport, you can set your own challenge and when you achieve it, it fills you with confidence. Swimming is an excellent way to increase lung capacity and to build muscle with a lower injury risk. If you want to motivate your children to persevere in this sport, you cannot miss the competitions that will take place at VIDENA.

School kids swimming


Perhaps not as popular as football or volleyball, but still equally loved. With basketball, you discovered your potential to be a star of the tricks and fantasy passes, and while doing so you learned about teamwork. Perhaps you did not realize its huge potential to burn calories (more than tennis) when you were in school. In Lima 2019, we have dedicated a venue exclusively for basketball. At the Eduardo Dibós Coliseum, you will be able to watch 5x5 basketball and 3x3, which is becoming more popular due to its speed and street practice.

Children playing basketball at the school’s court.


Due to the balance, concentration and flexibility needed, if you ever practiced gymnastics, then you trained both body and mind. As it is practiced from a very young age, it becomes ideal to preserve children’s flexibility. If you wish to see what your kids would be able to do, you cannot miss the performance of the best gymnasts at the Villa El Salvador Sports Center.

Children practicing gymnastics

Practicing a sport requires a lot of time and energy, and athletes and Para athletes participating in the Lima 2019 Games know that very well. Many of them started practicing their dream sport at school and in a few weeks, they will be part of the largest multi-sports event in the Americas. If you still have that passion for the sports you practiced at school, ¡do not miss out and get your tickets now!

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