There is only one sport class for football 5-a-side. All players are visually impaired and have very low visual acuity or no light perception. All players must wear eyeshades during the game to ensure fair competition. The goalkeeper is sighted and able-bodied and does not undergo classification.



It is an adaptation for athletes with visual impairment. In football-5-a-side, a ball equipped with a noise-making device is used on a field with boards on each side. Teams are made up of four Para athletes and a goalkeeper. All Para athletes wear eyeshade, so that people with varying degrees of vision can compete together. In order to guide players, the goalkeeper speaks in the first section on the field, whilst members of the technical staff speak in the second (half field) and third section (behind the attacking goal).


Even though football is an ancient sport, football-5-a-side was not included in the Paralympic Games program until 2004, when it made its debut in Athens, Greece. It was added to the Parapan American Games sports program at Rio 2007. Brazil is the current three-time champion.