• T/F11 a 13: Deficiencia visual
    The sport classes 11, 12 and 13 are allocated to athletes with varying degrees of visual impairment, with 11 including athletes with the least vision and 13 including athletes with the best vision while still meeting the minimum disability criteria. Athletes in the T11 sport class run with a guide runner and are blindfolded. Athletes in sport class T12 may also choose to run with a guide.
  • T/F 20: Discapacidad intelectual
    Athletes in this class are diagnosed with intellectual impairment and meet sport-specific minimum disability criteria in 1,500 metre, long jump or shot put events
  • T32-38 y F31-38:
    The 30s sport classes are allocated to athletes with athetosis, ataxia and/or hypertonia as the impairments typically affect the ability to control legs, trunk, arms and hands. The lower the number, the more significant the activity limitation.
  • F40:
    Athletes with short stature compete in this sport class.
  • T/F42-46:
    These classes are for athletes with limb deficiencies, such as amputations. In classes 42–44, the legs are affected by impairment and in 45–46 the arms are affected.
    All athletes in the 40s classes compete standing up and do not use a wheelchair.
  • T51-54 y F51-58:
    These classes only include athletes competing in a wheelchair. A lower number indicates a higher degree of activity limitation.



Para athletics includes different disciplines and events. These are mainly divided into racing, jumps and throws. Classification allows the participation of athletes with different impairments: physical, visual and intellectual impairment: use of wheelchairs, throwing frames, prostheses, short stature or guide runners


Para athletics has been part of the Parapan American Games since the 1999 edition in Mexico City. More sport classes were added each year, becoming the most practiced Para Sport around the world. The Lima 2019 Parapan American Games will gather many Paralympic medalists and will be a qualifier for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.