There are two physical impairment sport classes in sitting volleyball — “minimally disabled” (MD) and “disabled” (D). Athlete impairments in MD are generally less severe than those in sport class D.



The objective is similar to volleyball: hit the ball over the net and ground it onto the other side’s court. At all times, the athlete’s pelvis must be in contact with the ground. Service blocks are allowed as long as one of the athlete’s buttocks remains in contact with the ground. In sitting volleyball, however, the net is 1.05 meters high for women and 1.15 meters high for men.


In the USA, William Morgan developed this sport for the first time in 1985. Originally a low key sport, in 1956, the Dutch Sports Committee introduced a new sport that combined sitzball and volleyball called “sitting volleyball”. Sitting volleyball for men made its debut at the Arnhem 1980 Paralympic Games and for women, at Athens 2004. It was included in the Parapan American Games sports program at Rio 2007.