Open class: This class is designated for athletes who have a significant and permanent impairment of one or both legs and normal arm function.



Wheelchair tennis is a sport where agility, power and physical endurance are combined with mental strength – This high-precision sport is governed by the same rules as conventional tennis. However, two bounces are allowed inside or outside of the court. Players pass the ball from one side of the court to the other. The court has the same dimensions as able-bodied tennis. It can be played by wheelchair users.


While the sport of able-bodied tennis dates back to the late nineteenth century in the United Kingdom, wheelchair tennis originated in America in 1976. It first appeared on the Paralympic program as an exhibition sport at the Seoul 1988 Games and officially at the Barcelona 1992 Parapan American Games. Wheelchair tennis made its debut in the Parapan American Games sport program at Mar del Plata 2003.